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Tenyoku Machine Factory





Have you dreamed of designing or driving Robots?? Yes, it is impossible at this moment. However, we can make a kind of ‘mock’ with a CG-making soft, DOGA. In this corner, I’m trying to make up a fantasy CG avenue with all those who interested in this topic. I’m gonna show the field /robots I designed. Also now I’m planning to establish a web role playing space opera. It will be an adventure story with CG robots. The detail of the story is linked as below. If you wanna join the making process, please contact me.  As it is fantasy, everybody/everything is welcome. Please add your ideas so as to build up a fantastic CG world!!


It was in June 1999 when I saw the CG-making soft DOGA L2. This software enabled you to edit robot animations like you’ve seen in the ‘Star Trek’ or in the  ‘Brood War’.  Recently I managed to get this soft and start designing my own robot squadron. It’ll be more exciting if I can set this page as a kind of pavilion of the robots designed by the friends outside Japan.  This page is all those who are interested in designing and making CG robots/spaceships (like in the ‘Star Wars’)


天翼騎士団戦記(仮称) English

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