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The details of the TMS world



In the Universal Chronicle 132, the period when people lives in space colonies with their human-shaped giant robots eMWf (Multiple Worker = called as eworkerf). Having experienced several big warfare, the world was going toward stability.

The earth orbit was divided into five big powers;

ASA (Allied States of Althemis), the biggest leading force situated on the moon.

the Gaia Union (Temporary name: a better name invited)

 the state of traditional Asian Empire (a good name invited)

the Integrated military states, Eterna.

The group of developing colonies on the satellite orbit (name invited)

They were being reformed under the governance of UEF (United Earth Federation) led by ASAfs initiative.


The two main characters, Crna and Kao-Su-Weng were both ex-member of the eKnights of the Gifted Wingsf, an independent MI (Mobile Infantry: workers in military use) squadron of UEF. At least, they were said to be eskilledf MI pilots (even though the condition is limited) After an accident, both of them retired and Crna started a new business (establishing a private MI mercenary eDark Wingsf.. of 2 members) with involving Su-Weng.


It was 2 years ago when they met for the first time. Since both of them were big eaters (strong enough to represent their countries), they knew each other. One day Su-Weng bilked a gorgeous restaurant and was sued by them (for French cuisine for 57 peoplec it is said). Though the problem was about to be fatal for Su-Weng, Crna financed him and he was saved. (then Crna got a supremacy upon Su-Weng)


Episode 1 draft

Their first mission was helping a local team in the baseball competition in Trojca in Federal Republic of Zervanija, the homeland of Crna. (Su-Weng complained) As it contained several UEF staffs, their space liner eVardarf was supposed to pass the Dragonia district (temporary.. a better name invited!!) a conflicting area in Zervanija without any problemc

During the inspection by Zervanijan force, Vardar was attacked by guerillas in the area of Christina-Nova in Dragonia. The guerilla MIs with the marking of eUEFf shot down Zrvanijan force within seconds. Then the guerillas (DLF: Dragonia liberation Force.. a better name invited) declared the dominance upon Vardar. At the same time, after a bitter negotiation, Crna accepted to guard Vardar with her MIs. Crna and Su-Weng destroyed the DLFfs MIs with an excellent combination.

It was only the beginningc.


Episode 2-4 drafts

The incident of Vardar was reported as ean escalated harass by Zervanija since the UEF MIs were destroyed. At the same time, Zervanija government complained to UEF against the usage of UEF MIs by guerillas. The discussion seemed not to reach any compromise and ASA started interfering into Zervanija with its alliance, IOSTA (Intra Orbit Strategic Treaty Alliance). Whole Zervanijan territory was attacked by IOSTAfs massive force. On the other hand, Vardar was continuously chased by ASA force in the closed territory of Zervanija. Though the Dark Wings screwed each attack, Vardarfs damage was gradually increased. Finally the Gifted Wings was on the way against Vardarc


The things wanted

The design of MI

Design of ships

Design of mechanics

Ideas of episodes


Names of ships, MIs