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This corner is about our original space SF.

Situated in the earth orbit in near future, the episode is led by 2 main Characters, Crna=Beolva and Kao=Su=Weng. Crna is a girl who dreams of making plenty of money with her gifted talent as a MS (Mobile Suit: a human shaped robot) pilot. Recently she retired (fired?) special force and started her job as the leader of ethe Dark Wingsf, a mercenary company (of 2 staffs) with her SLAVE, Su-Weng (why he has to obey her?? The secret will be revealed soon). When theyfre rushing towards their first mission by liner, they are involved in a conflict in the Federal Republic of Zervanija.



The story is handed to you!! (In front of the PC, Yes, youII)


Though the story is based on my own recent experience, this SF world can be more exciting with your ideas. If youfre interested in, please send me the idea (text), picture, drawings, character, episode, mecha-design and so on!! Ifm waiting for you!!



From a magazine

(U.C.132, February)


 Details New!!


DOGA (The tool to design robots)

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