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FF8 Playing Log



3 weeks have passed since FF9 was shown up.

But.. therefs still a resistance playing FF8.

The opening was too nice

The girl lives too far away

The stress is too much

The climate is too hot

After 15 months, I unsealed the game again.


This is a playing log of Final Fantasy 8 for all the FF people outside Japan.



Thursday the 13th

It was the Thursday the 13th when I saw the screen again.

My friend was playing the game and a monster (Griever) defeated his party.

Everything goes as if it was (probably) planned by

eA kind of Godfs hand beyond our consciousf

Beautiful movies of the GFs (Gurdian Force)

Squallfs haul..

The call of Makedonija.. (why??)

To defeat the creature!

My history of FF was started againcc







day 1

Till the train jack