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The 1st dayBFriday, the 14th July, 2000

The day of the French Revolution?


Ravenfs scramble

Though there are people who already finished FF9, here is still FF8B

eNew gamef

the openingc from the point of the ending, we can find lots of clues here.

And the main character showed up.

eKako se vikas?f(Whatfs your name?)


Named after a stupid villain in a SF animation.

This time, the main point is the eGFf systemc a kind of ugly pet for the security.

We can also name them.

Ravenfs petc 100% eShadoooooooooooo!!!f

Therefore, name eshadooo!f


(my Shadow)




uuuh, somebody is calling mec

Oh, our trainer Ms. Quistis appeared.

Ask people. Itfs the basic of RPG.


Miss Turipe (trainer??)???



It took about 3 mins to know that Quistis is eQuistis Turipefc..


What a complicated game it is!!!!!!!

At the same time, I found that

eTuripefs supportersf clubf


what is more, a new student tackled at me!!

Though she reminds me of the girl I love most


Something is wrong with this garden!!!!


Something is wrong with this game!!!!!!!


gIfm gonna wait for you at the main entranceh

With saying eOk, suref, my feet headed for the etraining centerf

In the RPG world, time doesnft matter like several FAKE MUSLIM countries. Therefore, I made Ms.Turipe waited for me for about 30 mins while I add more EXP.

Of course, nobody complains.