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-Episode 3. the Crisis of Cook Mews-

(1999.01.19 Exeter, England)


Hi! Everybody!
Thank you for taking care of Tenyoku.
Here comes KSZ News, the newsletter of the ununderstandable Japanese, Tenyoku.
I decided to make the newsletter regularly to report my life for my friends.

This is the report of the creature in Cook Mews 006

I started running again with my flat mate, Toby. It is not so bad.
However, my legs still have something dull inside. I found myself too heavy to run. It's crisis!

As for my study, after deciding to quit the courses, I still attend the

lectures. I have to finish my 2 essays by Friday. The volume for total
is about 5,500 words: quite a lot! However, Japanese Kamikaze will be available for this time.
Notice: on the contrary, the accuracy of Kamikaze was significantly low, they wasted their life.

Concerning Japanese in WW2, I've seen one film yesterday.
An American family and 2 marooned Japanese soldiers helped each other
and escape from an isolated island by using a bomberfs shaft as a raft.
The story was good, especially the conversation between J soldiers and
the family was funny. It wasn't communication, however, they understood
each other. Also nobody (including animals) died though the father was
not clever. The film is good for children and those who wants to know
Japanese. I'll find the title and tell you.

As for my room...
Friends who know Kei will say, 'His room is incredibly messy.'
To make matters worse, my room is still 'Outer-Zone', this place will be
the best entrance to encounter aliens. Though I made much effort to tidy
up the room, the 'departure' seems to be impossible, so far. Today I
bought several envelopes from PO to pack my staffs. It seems to be
cheaper to send staffs spited in 15 envelopes than in one big box.
However, it still looks crazy! I've bought and developed too much!!

Now we have 5 people in our wing in Cook Mews: I have to take care of my
room more, otherwise I will expose the 'Outer-Zone (It's Japanese
shame!, But I found myself as genius at making a mess in a limited period)' to my mates!

See you!

(To be continued... if it is requested)

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*If you have any opinions and enquiries, please let me know.

MSZ006: Mobile Suit Z(zeta) Gundam
CM: CookMews (the place where Tenyoku lived in the beginning of 1999)